Brian created the Chat Survivor Heavens and Chat Survivor. He created the whole wiki with his power and purity. He determined when the games were created, and the decisions . Then we tell the story of some person named Mike. Mike was an innocent boy. A very, very innocent boy, but one day he met with Koror and Brian. Koror told him he found THE god, but Mike was sure Matt wasn't. Matt immediately turned Mike around and shoved him onto a desk. He then shoved a one foot penis up Mike's poor innocent ass. Did he do something wrong? Why did he deserve this? Matt then said "I am rebelling against Chat Survivor, sorry everyone but i have to!"  Matt was raping Mike, but Koror was frozen in homphobia. Koror says "Why did Matt do this". Brian then desended upon Chat Survivor Heaven, and Brian said to Matt, "Why do you wanna rebel against the Chat Survivor Wiki? Since you have made the decision to do that, and raped an innocent person, I further sentence you to Matt's Chat Survivor Wiki!"