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• 1/5/2014

~Chapter 2 - The Book of Brian~

Brian was in Heaven, watching the Chat Survivors go underway, and as the Chat Survivors run through their course, Brian sits and watches. Koror, the Leader of Kortonia, is the host of most of the Chat Survivors. He then tells others about how much of a leader he is, and hosts most of the Chat Survivors throughout Kortonia. Mike, leader of Tukolu, a country that are allies with Kortonina. Mike and Koror work as leaders of Chat Survivor. Kortonia and Tukolu were once at war with each other, but in the end, the war ended and then Chat Survivors started becoming a known franchise to the public.

Brian then descends upon the Chat Survivor Heaven, and tells Koror a message:

"Koror, leader of Kortonia, I have came here to tell you about what you are doing to Kortonia. You have ran the country really great, but your leadership is going too over the limit. I perhaps need to tell you this. If you wanna go to Chat Survivor Heaven, you must not sin against Chat Survivor. Matt, the rebel of Chat Survivor, has tried everything. You must go and run Kortonia with everything you got." 

To Be Continued....

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• 1/5/2014
Haha. Nice one Koror
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