Survivor: Thailand, is the second Chat Survivor installment in LongLiveLion's series, and the twenty-eigth overall season.

Survivor: Thailand

Season 28
Genre Reality competition
Winner SoaringSpirits
No. of episodes 5
No. of days 15
No. of castaways 7


Filming Location
Season Run January 20th, 2014
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 27: Nepal
Next season Chat Survivor 29: Vietnam


The season was announced on January 13th, 2014.



  • LongLiveLion

Twists and Changes

  • Redemption Island: In a drastic game-changing twist, when a player gets voted out from Tribal Council, that player will not be eliminated right away. Instead, the said contestant will go to Redemption Island, where he/she will fend for himself during his/her entire stay. When the next person gets voted out, the two players will compete in a "duel." The winner gets to stay at the island, while the loser is eliminated from the game for good. At a certain point, the last person standing on Redemption Island will return to the main game and will continue his/her pursuit of the one million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Redemption
Koror Out KororFan
Hayato Emishi Evacuated
Day 7
Lucky Manga Out Luckyyy
Emishi 1st Voted 
Day 3
1st Juror
Lost Dual 1
Day 7
Max Out Survivorfan13
Hayato Emishi 2nd Voted
Day 6
2nd Juror
Lost Dual 2
Day 10
Emishi Hayato Emishi 3rd Voted
Day 9
Won Dual 3
Day 13
Nuno Out LudicoManao
Hayato Emishi Emishi 4th Voted 
Day 12
3rd Juror
Lost Dual 3
Day 13
Emishi 5th Voted 
Day 14
4th Juror
Lilly Out Malakal101
Hayato Hayato Emishi Runner-Up 
Day 15
Liam Out SoaringSpirits
Emishi Hayato Emishi Winner 
Day 15


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