Survivor: Switzerland, also known as Survivor: Switzerland - Anarchy, is the fifth Chat Survivor installment in KororFan's series, and the fortieth overall season.

Survivor: Switzerland
Season 40
Genre Reality competition
Winner TBA
No. of episodes TBA
No. of days TBA
No. of castaways 12
Tribes Anarchy
Filming Location Valais, Switzerland
Season Run January ?, 2014
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 39: The Australian Outback
Next season TBA


The season was announced on January 21, 2014. The Anarchy twist was announced also at the reveal.


  • KororFan (Main)


  • Anarchy- For the first few episodes, there will be no tribes. But in the pre-merged, tribes will be established.
  • No Escape- Players were not allowed to quit unless for personal reasons. If they did have to quit, it will counted as a vote off.


Contestant Anarchy Stage Finish Votes
Edgar2 TheMartianManHunter14
Lucky2 Manga Luckyyy
150px-5825130.png DrMarble
Nuno LúdicoManao
WilsonFace SirZodiac
Liam Manga SoaringSpirits
Tikki TikkiBikki
Customavi OrangeBirdMaster2
Avatar 12 1388450560-1- Total Drama Yoshi

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