Survivor: Kirbati


Season 5
Genre Reality competition
Winner RP
No. of episodes 5
No. of days 15
No. of castaways 7
Filming Location Tabuaeran, Kiribati
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 4: South Pacific
Next season Chat Survivor 6: All Stars

This was the Fifth Season of Chat Survivor. It followed the standard of a normal Chat Survivor.


Contestant Original Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Votes
NathanOut Rokgen44
Abaiang 1st Voted Off
1st Jury Member
Day 3
Orange Out OrangeBirdMaster2
Marakei Dikicok Quit
Day 6
GeorgeOut RevengeoftheNerds
Abaiang Quit
Day 7
HunterOut TheHolyRabbit
Marakei 2nd Voted Off
2nd Jury Member
Day 10
Matt Out Matt
Abaiang 3rd Voted Off
3rd Jury Member
Day 13
EddieOut Eddie786
Marakei Runner-Up 0
RP Manga Zingerace23
Abaiang Sole Survivor 1


# Title Immunity Eliminated Vote Finish
1 "Sorry Nate" Marakei Nathan 2-1-1 1st Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 3
2 "EVERYONE'S QUITTING!" None Orange None Quit
Day 6
George None Quit
Day 7
3 "Surprise...Surprise" Eddie Hunter 2-1-1 2nd Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 10
4 "I've been Bamboozled!" RP Matt 1-0 3rd Voted Out
Day 13
5 "Reunion" Jury Vote Eddie 2-1 Runner Up
RP Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

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