Hello everyone. I would just like to write a small thing here to announce something I've been thinking about lately. As of today, I've competed in seven Chat Survivors. With the addition of Koror's third installment to his series, I will have competed in eight Chat Survivors. I would just like to tell everyone that, as of today, I have begun a small retirement from Chat Survivors. When Peru is released, I will play in it, and that will be my final one for a while. I am taking some time off from competing, because I will be hosting full-time. Here's the link to my first season's sign-up page: Thanks to everyone who I have competed with for challenging me in everyway a Chat Survivor can be challenged. And thanks for a great run. Until I end my retirement, and get back into the game, Good luck to everyone, and stay AWESOME!

-Edgar, Aka TheMartianManhunter14

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