Survivor: Cook Islands

Season 35
Genre Reality competition
Winner TBA
No. of episodes TBA
No. of days TBA
No. of castaways TBA
Tribes Rarotonga
Filming Location Cook Islands
Season Run February 15th, 2014
Opening Sequence
Coming soon
Previous season Chat Survivor 34: Hawaii
Next season Chat Survivor 36: Virgin Islands


This season as announced on February 10th, 2014 by XxSolarEclipsexX, revealed to be the host in his first breakthrough Chat Survivor, which he had been planning on for the past few weeks.


  • Pass The Bomb - One person will randomly start with a bomb each day, and will hand it to the player of their choice. It will be passed once per day, and the person who has it in their hands at the merge will be automatically voted out.
  • Hidden Immunity Idol - The hidden immunity idol returns in it's past appearance, and can be found upon answering a riddle correctly in private messages.
  • Trivia Trials - If the vote ends in a tie, or a team refuses to vote which they are allowed to do but all of them must agree on it, there will be a challenge for them only, in which they must answer trivia. The person with the least amount of points will be eliminated, leaving the others safe. 
  • Second Chance - Similar to Redemption Island in the past seasons, eliminated contestants will have the chance to compete in a simple challenge, with one loser being officially eliminated, and the survivor will return at the merge.


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